Sunday, February 14, 2010

WOLFMAN scares up $30 million-plus in 1st weekend

By Michael Gingold
Various sources are reporting that Universal’s THE WOLFMAN, the studio’s reimagining of the classic monster character, will gross an estimated $30.6 million in its first weekend of release. Predictions are for the film to pull in about $35 million over the four-day President’s Day weekend; final figures for the initial three days will be released tomorrow.

Discounting THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON (which most horror fans probably would), that gives the Joe Johnston-directed movie, starring Benicio Del Toro as cursed Lawrence Talbot, the biggest-ever opening frame for a lycanthropicture, outdoing the $26.8 million pulled in by UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION in January 2006. Overseas, THE WOLFMAN made an estimated $21 million on over 4,000 screens in 37 markets, including a #1 debut in Britain. A year ago this weekend, another genre remake, New Line’s FRIDAY THE 13TH, opened to a whopping $40.6 million but took a huge plunge thereafter; no doubt Universal hopes WOLFMAN has better staying power. See our review of the movie here.


  1. Top 10 Reasons WHY "The Wolfman " came in last at the Box Office -behind 2 crap films!-this weekend:

    #10: Benicio becomes a werewolf due to his father biting him cause he was bitten by "a Feral child in India!"
    Nonsense! (and it WAS NOT at all DEVELOPED!) In every great werewolf film -ie The Wolf Man, Curse of the Werrewolf, Werewolf of London, etc-the curse is explained and the origin/source revealed.

    #9: Too many cooks re music, CGI, direction, editing, etc. Should've let Rick Baker-genius!-and Benicio have final cut/say!

    #8: Joe Johnston does better with dinosaurs than actors! He should go back to visual effects!!!

    #7: Anthony and Hugo phoned in their parts-the ONLY great actor here was the talented Emily Blunt!!!

    #6: Lon Chaney Jr was NO Gregory Peck, but a downright Morgan Freeman compared to Benicio!!!

    #5: There was very, very little character/plot development, resulting in no sympathy for characters!

    #4: The music was not a SHADOW of the great original score which was very musical and VERY scary!!!

    #3: It had about 1/100th of the heart and soul of the ORIGINAL which cost LESS to make then the MUSIC on this one!

    #2: The original screenplay by the great Curt Siodmak and it's MEANING/METAPHOR was completely lost by the LAME new writers!!!

    #1: The suits and execs who are the same company of IDIOTS who screwed up the Conan/Jay process got involved...TOO MUCH! Universal WAS a great company 60 years ago-you now SUCK!!!
    You came in last with a potentially GREAT film!!!
    YOU SUCK!!! !!! !!!

  2. While i agree with the above comments i also feel ripped off in the gore department as how many countless articles and interviews did the director and crew say this film was gonna push the R rating and get a hard R ....i went in expecting to see some cool as shit werewolf Carnage and what did i see abunch of quick cuts and fast shows that didnt show much they pretty much kept the Carnage off im not sure if that was intentional or if the mpaa made them trim it down...either way it was a big dissappointment..and the shame of it all is that there probably wont be a dvd version with the gore put back in....again i know its not the biggest thing to complain about and as i said before the complaints above from the earlier poster are the big reason it sucked...however it does really suck when they try and get fans to see the movie by promising shit they dont intend to follow through on

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