Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More info, DVD release and art for MEADOWOODS

By Michael Gingold
We first reported here about a new independent horror feature called MEADOWOODS, which was being virally promoted via a couple of disturbing on-line videos. Now we have more info about the movie, as well as the scoop on its DVD release and a first look at the cover.

Directed by Scott Phillips (not the same one, as far as we know, who helmed GIMME SKELTER among others) from a script by Anna Siri, MEADOWOODS is about a trio of college students who decide to murder a random victim. Travis (Connor Thorp), Stephanie (Michele Roe) and Ryan (Michael Downey) are bored or otherwise dissatisfied with life and decide to capture the planning and execution of their crime on video, with the movie playing out as their taped footage. The disc streets May 11 from Monterey Media, and will carry a retail price of $26.95. You can join the “MEADOWOODS Army” on-line, interact with the characters and receive exclusive clips at the official website. The movie also has a Facebook page here.

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