Friday, February 5, 2010

Cover and contents for FANGORIA #291

Fango #291 is ready to hit the stands this month, and past the jump you’ll find the first look at the cover, as well as the full contents. It’s got everything from werewolves old and new (a Makeup FX Lab and cast piece on THE WOLFMAN and a remembrance of the late Paul Naschy) to independent chills (Adam Green discussing his new FROZEN) to literary horror (a chat with hot author Jonathan Maberry)!

Go below the cover to see the complete lineup of articles!

FAST TRAIN TO “CRAZIES” TOWN There’s more insanity in store as we continue our exclusive location coverage.
“FROZEN” STIFFS Adam (“Hatchet”) Green relocates from the Louisiana swamps to a wintry mountainside for his new bone-chiller.
METHODS TO MADNESS Up-and-coming actor Noah Segan adopts multiple mental states in a string of new fright films, starting with “Cabin Fever 2.”
“DEMONS” DO-OVER The cast names are bigger in the “Night of the Demons” remake, and its makers hope the frights—and laughs—are too.
MABERRY SCARE YOU? Writing of zombies, wolfmen and more, Jonathan Maberry is making quite the literary splash.
STALKING THE “SLITHIS” It lurked in the waterways of LA but terrorized drive-ins nationwide in the late 1970s.
THE “WOLFMAN” PACK Benicio Del Toro et al. talk up their roles in the megabudget monster movie.
MAKEUP FX LAB: “THE WOLFMAN” For the first time, a step-by-step look at how Rick Baker makes a monster!
STRONG “SANGRE” Paul Naschy has passed on, but he still has one crazy film yet to assault his U.S. fans. Plus: the Spanish star remembered.

ELEGY American Fear Market 2009: Part II
MONSTER INVASION Who’s hungrier—the “Survival of the Dead” ghouls or the 3-D “Piranha”?; get ready for the new Freddy; the 2010 Chainsaw Awards ballot!
DR. CYCLOPS’ DUNGEON OF DISCS “Kingdom of the Spiders” crawls to the top; “House of the Devil” worth a long visit; “Bad Biology” bonuses have great chemistry
HORRORCADE Thanks for the “Memories” from new “Silent Hill”; another trip into the “Borderlands”
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Huston’s latest will leave you “Sleepless”; Straub makes the “Dark Matter”


  1. Hey Fangoria

    Thought you might be into my blog...

    I should write something about zombie makeup, thanks for giving me the idea

  2. Check out this interview with Fangoria's Rebekah and Dave McKendry.

  3. Glad to see you guys up and running and still going strong. There'll be a lot of horror fans pleased to hear news on the new issue!

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