Monday, February 8, 2010

New cast members move into DREAM HOUSE, FLATMATE and APPARITION

By Michael Gingold
Variety has reported on new casting for a trio of upcoming genre features. The highest-profile name and project: Rachel Weisz has been added to the cast of Universal and Morgan Creek’s psychothriller DREAM HOUSE, joining Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts.

Weisz (pictured below), previously seen in the first two MUMMY films and CONSTANTINE, plays the wife of a publisher (Craig) who moves her and their two daughters into a new house in a New England town, and soon learns that another mother and her two childen were previously slaughtered there. Jim Sheridan is directing the movie, which just began shooting in Toronto, from a screenplay by David Loucka.

Over in Spain, Luis Tosar has been set to topline FLATMATE, the new chiller by the [REC] films’ Jaume Balagueró, who begins lensing the Filmax production in May from a screenplay by Alberto Marini (his co-scripter on the 6 FILMS TO KEEP YOU AWAKE entry TO LET). Tosar, currently nominated for Best Actor in Spain’s Goya Awards for the prison drama CELL 211, will play the concierge of a Barcelona apartment building where he spies on the tenants and begins turning one particular young woman’s life into a nightmare. “In FLATMATE, I wanted to go back to investigate the more sophisticated mechanics of the thriller and suspense genre. A script fell into my hands which allowed me to explore these elements to the maximum,” Balagueró tells the trade.

Finally, Tom Felton, who plays nasty Draco Malfoy in the HARRY POTTER films, has been added to the cast of Dark Castle’s APPARITION. He plays a paranormal expert in the film, which focuses on a college couple (Sebastian Stan and the TWILIGHT films’ Ashley Greene) haunted by an evil spirit released by an on-campus experiment. The movie began production last week in Berlin under writer/director Todd Lincoln, and moves to LA next month.


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