Monday, February 15, 2010

Director talks his deadly DADDY’S GIRL

By Michael Gingold
Chris .R. Notarile, writer/director of the slasher flick METHODIC, gave us a few words and a new poster (seen after the jump) from his second feature film, DADDY’S GIRL. The movie, set to roll this spring or summer, will star Zoe Sloane in the title role of Jessica Hailey and THE FLASH’s John Wesley Shipp as her father, Jack.

Jessica, in Notarile’s words, is “a psychotic and manipulative teenage girl” who convinces her alcoholic and overprotective dad that she has been assaulted by a boy (who actually spurned her advances) to encourage his violent payback. Jessica’s got a deadly streak herself, and Notarile tells us, “Anyone who enjoys a good Dario Argento movie with a lot of sexual overtones will get a kick out of DADDY’S GIRL.” The cast will also include Kim Santiago (who worked on the script with the director) and Michael Galante. Check out the teaser trailer below the poster and see the movie’s official website here.


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