Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Get viral with THE CRAZIES’ Operation Scarlet Omega

By Michael Gingold
Dread Central has been reporting on all the viral activity going on surrounding the upcoming release of Overture Films and director Breck Eisner’s THE CRAZIES, and today had an update on Operation Scarlet Omega. That’s a government/military program dealing with security breaches at chemical facilities—like the one that causes all the madness in the movie’s setting of Ogden Marsh, Iowa.

There are all kinds of places you can explore THE CRAZIES’ frightening scenario; Ogden Marsh has its own official website, while the activities of an activist trying to save the town from toxic peril are chronicled here. The outfit responsible for the threat is the Dakon/Pendrill Chemical Corporation (log in as jbmartin with the password p@ssword for some unsettling details), and you can also read The Truth About Trixie, detailing the particular biohazard, here. Dread got ahold of an exclusive video detailing Trixie’s effects on one poor soul, and you can see it below.

THE CRAZIES opens next Friday, Feburary 26, and its official website can be seen here. You can read our exclusive two-part set visit in Fango #291, which may still be on sale in some places, and #292, just out this week.


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