Monday, February 22, 2010

28 WEEKS LATER director to helm INTRUDERS

By Michael Gingold
Fango got in a news tidbit about INTRUDERS, an upcoming film by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, the Spanish director who first won notice with the 2001 thriller INTACTO and then helmed 2007’s superior sequel 28 WEEKS LATER.

First photo from del Toro-produced JULIA’S EYES

By Michael Gingold
An early photo from JULIA’S EYES (LOS OJOS DE JULIA), the latest chiller to have Guillermo del Toro on board as a producer, has appeared on-line with news that the movie has started selling to assorted international territories. Check out the pic after the jump.

Friday, February 19, 2010

DRAG ME TO HELL leads horror nominees for 36th Annual Saturn Awards

By Michael Gingold
The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films has announced the nominees for its 36th Annual Saturn Awards (though strangely enough, as of this posting, they haven’t posted them at the org’s official website yet). Sam Raimi’s DRAG ME TO HELL turned out to be the most honored fright feature, scoring five nominations including Best Horror Film.

SOMETHING scary and funny coming from Universal

By Michael Gingold
Variety reports that Universal has made a mid-six-figure deal to buy up a horror/comedy pitch called THE SOMETHING from Rodney Rothman, who will script. The writer, whose credits include producing gigs on FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL and the upcoming GET HIM TO THE GREEK, will also serve that function on THE SOMETHING.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Filmmaker talks MACHETE MAIDENS and PATRICK remake

By Michael Gingold
Fango caught up with Australian director Mark Hartley, creator of the amazing documentary NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD: THE WILD, UNTOLD STORY OF OZPLOITATION!, while he was in NYC grabbing interviews for his follow-up, MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED. This project is in a similar vein, covering the history of genre filmmaking in the Philippines—though not so much homegrown product, he points out.

First set report on Aussie horror NEEDLE

By Michael Helms
No notable horror films have lurched out of Western Australia since ZOMBIE BRIGADE circa 1988. NEEDLE, shot just before Christmas 2009, is seeking to redress the situation, and goes about it with a deadly device from the 18th century. The third feature from John V. Soto, who wrote PREY (released Down Under to negligible returns last year) and co-directed CRUSH (now visible via video on demand and hitting U.S. DVD April 21) with Jeff Gerritsen, helmed NEEDLE from a script he wrote with Tony Egan.


By Michael Gingold
• Fango got the word from Breaking Glass Pictures that it has picked up Chad Ferrin’s new shocker SOMEONE’S KNOCKING AT THE DOOR for release under its Vicious Circle banner. The company also grabbed Ferrin’s previous feature EASTER BUNNY, KILL! KILL!, as well as the German production SLASHER.

Morse and Burke will DRIVE ANGRY

By Michael Gingold
Arrow in the Head got the first word that David Morse has joined the cast of Summit Entertainment’s 3-D action-chiller DRIVE ANGRY. This comes hard on the heels of a Moviehole announcement that Billy Burke has also signed onto the film.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cast and director set for Gothic thriller THE MONK

By Michael Gingold
Variety reports that Vincent Cassel, fresh off Darren Aronofsky’s supernatural drama BLACK SWAN, has been cast in the title role of THE MONK for France’s Diaphana Films and Spain’s Morena Films. Based on Matthew Lewis’ 18th-century Gothic novel, the film will topline Cassel as Capucin Ambrosio, who is undone by temptation brought on by black magic and the devil himself.


By Michael Gingold
The first thing that should be said here about SHUTTER ISLAND is that it’s not the consistently scarifying horror film that some of the ads are making it out as—and nor is it trying to be one. While there are plenty of creepy events and imagery scattered throughout its running time, here’s a movie that truly warrants description as a “psychological thriller”—no surprise coming from Martin Scorsese, a director who has always been just as interested, if not moreso, in tortured souls as in tortured bodies.


By Michael Gingold
Fango got the scoop on the special features that have been collected for the DVD and Blu-ray releases of THE COLLECTOR, coming April 6 from Vivendi Entertainment. The directorial debut of Marcus Dunstan, who scripted with his FEAST trilogy/SAW sequels writing partner Patrick Melton, the film follows a small-time burglar (Josh Stewart) as he attempts to rip off a wealthy family’s mansion one night and runs into a far deadlier home invader, who has set murderous traps for him and the house’s owners.

Exclusive Interview: Hugo Weaving on THE WOLFMAN

By Lee Gambin
Universal’s eagerly anticipated update of THE WOLFMAN was unleashed in cinemas everywhere this past Friday, and one of its stars, the MATRIX films’ Hugo Weaving, gave Fango some of his time to talk up the lycanthropic epic. We spoke to him while he was in the midst of the Melbourne (Australia) Theatre Company’s production of the acclaimed play GOD OF CARNAGE.


By Michael Gingold
We reported the other day on an upcoming supernatural feature called THE GHOST OF SLAUGHTERFORD, but the news break omitted one very important name: screenwriter Axelle Carolyn, who will also star in the movie. A former Fango scribe who has since appeared in a number of features and short films (including DOOMSDAY and CENTURION for GHOST executive producer Neil Marshall, as well as THE DESCENT: PART 2), Carolyn dropped us a line to give us a bit of background about the project.


By Michael Gingold
Mark Evans, co-writer and co-producer of the new DEMONIC II (a.k.a. FOREST OF THE DAMNED II), got in touch to talk up the sequel, for which an official website has opened. The movie is a follow-up to the 2005 feature known as FOREST OF THE DAMNED overseas and retitled DEMONIC for its 2006 U.S. DVD release; the original’s director/co-writer, Johannes Roberts, is an associate producer on the new film.

Werewolves are only HUMAN in SAUNA director’s latest

By Michael Gingold
Screen Daily reports that Finnish director Antti-Jussi Annila will follow up his well-received chiller SAUNA with a werewolf movie called HUMAN. As the title suggests, this is a reverse-transformation tale—about a wolf that becomes a man.

Get viral with THE CRAZIES’ Operation Scarlet Omega

By Michael Gingold
Dread Central has been reporting on all the viral activity going on surrounding the upcoming release of Overture Films and director Breck Eisner’s THE CRAZIES, and today had an update on Operation Scarlet Omega. That’s a government/military program dealing with security breaches at chemical facilities—like the one that causes all the madness in the movie’s setting of Ogden Marsh, Iowa.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Clive Barker’s Dark Bazaar at Toy Fair 2010

By David McKendry
At the current Toy Fair event in NYC, Fango dropped by the showroom of JAKKS Pacific, where we got an up-close-and-personal look at this Halloween’s sweetest costumes. From JAKKS subsidiary Disguise comes Clive Barker’s Dark Bazaar, a costume lineup based on the original artwork of the author/artist/filmmaker and horror legend. See some pics after the jump!


By Michael Gingold
Fango got ahold of the specs for the DVD of THE DESCENT: PART 2, coming from Lionsgate Home Entertainment April 27. The sequel to Neil Marshall’s subterranean scare film, directed by Jon Harris from a script by James McCarthy, J. Blakeson and James Watkins, sends the first film’s heroine Sarah (returning star Shauna McDonald) back into the monster-infested caves with a rescue party in an attempt to save any of her friends who may have survived the creatures’ attack.

Freddy, his new glove and more at Toy Fair 2010

By Bekah McKendry
Fango spent another exciting day at Toy Fair 2010 (see our first report here), checking out the licensed products and original terrors coming to frighten you this year. Read on past the jump for the details and pics…

More info, DVD release and art for MEADOWOODS

By Michael Gingold
We first reported here about a new independent horror feature called MEADOWOODS, which was being virally promoted via a couple of disturbing on-line videos. Now we have more info about the movie, as well as the scoop on its DVD release and a first look at the cover.

Original EVIL DEAD to finally hit Blu-ray

By Michael Gingold
First, a bit of a mea culpa: We discovered this news tidbit in an on-line article from Video Business a little while back, and have spent the time since trying to dig up more details. None were forthcoming, and since then the mag and its on-line incarnation have gone defunct, so the original posted item has been lost in cyberspace. But trust us: it was announced that THE EVIL DEAD will be making its hi-def disc debut later this year.


By Michael Gingold
Indie filmmaker Doug Roos passed on the news that his horror feature THE SKY HAS FALLEN is now available on DVD. The movie, which he wrote, produced and directed, won Best Horror Feature at the Indie Gathering and Freak Show Film Festivals and has played numerous other fests in the U.S. and internationally.

Monday, February 15, 2010

CRAZIES scripter takes over VLAD for Brad

By Michael Gingold
According to The Hollywood Reporter, genre specialist Scott Kosar will rewrite the screenplay for VLAD, a feature update of the Dracula legend for Summit Entertainment and Brad Pitt’s Plan B company. The script was originally penned by actor Charlie Hunnam, who currently co-stars opposite Ron Perlman on FX’s SONS OF ANARCHY TV series.

Koontz’s FRANKENSTEIN to hit the screen—again

By Michael Gingold
Variety reports that Ralph Winter and Terry Botwick of 1019 Entertainment have picked up the screen rights to the series of FRANKENSTEIN novels written by prolific horror author Dean Koontz. The duo are planning a feature-film franchise based on the books, producing along with Whitney Thomas.

Dark Sky grabs THE LAST LOVECRAFT for North America

By Michael Gingold
Dark Sky Films announced today that it has picked up North American rights to THE LAST LOVECRAFT: RELIC OF CTHULHU, a comedic horror feature directed by Henry Saine from a script by Devin McGinn, who also produced (with Oliver Garrett and Ashleigh Nichols) and co-stars. The film has previously played at last October’s H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, OR as well as last month’s Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, UT.

Neil Marshall-produced GHOST gets backing

By Michael Gingold
According to The Hollywood Reporter, UK sales company Intandem Films will finance GHOST OF SLAUGHTERFORD, a supernatural pic to be executive-produced by THE DESCENT and DOG SOLDIERS’ Neil Marshall. Intandem is also representing the movie, set to start rolling in June, at the current European Film market in Berlin.

Vicious Circle has SYMPATHY for DVD release

By Michael Gingold
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired the independent horror film SYMPATHY for DVD release under its genre-centric Vicious Circle banner. Directed by Andrew Moorman from a script by Arik Martin (the two also produced), the movie won raves when it played festivals including Screamfest a couple of years back.

THE NEW DEAD invade bookstores across the U.S. tomorrow

By Michael Gingold
Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 16, St. Martin’s Press will unleash the zombie anthology THE NEW DEAD under its St. Martin’s Griffin imprint, and the publisher has dispatched the contributing authors to bookstores all over the U.S. to help promote it. The writers were assembled for the collection by editor Christopher Golden, each offering different takes on the undead and their related themes.

SPIRIT CAMP slashes DVD; actress talks

By Michael Gingold
Kerry Beyer, writer/producer/director of the cheerleader-slasher opus SPIRIT CAMP, has made the film available for on-line DVD purchase, and sent along the disc specs. And just ’cause we can’t get enough of sexy actress Julin, who co-stars in it (and previously discussed her roles in BOGGY CREEK and THE FINAL with us), we’ve got a few comments from her about the movie as well.

Horrific news flashes from Toy Fair

By Bekah McKendry
Toy Fair 2010 opened yesterday at New York City’s Jacob Javits Center, and Fango is on the scene to bring you news and images of the more horrific items on display. Here are some early tidbits from the event:

Director talks his deadly DADDY’S GIRL

By Michael Gingold
Chris .R. Notarile, writer/director of the slasher flick METHODIC, gave us a few words and a new poster (seen after the jump) from his second feature film, DADDY’S GIRL. The movie, set to roll this spring or summer, will star Zoe Sloane in the title role of Jessica Hailey and THE FLASH’s John Wesley Shipp as her father, Jack.

Fritz Lang’s classic M coming to Criterion Blu-ray

By Michael Gingold
Criterion has announced that it is giving the landmark 1931 chiller M its Blu-ray debut May 11. The German-language feature stars Peter Lorre as one of film history’s most memorable villains, a child murderer who terrorizes Berlin and is hunted by both the authorities and members of the city’s underworld.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


By Benjamin Dolle
I fell in love almost immediately with BORDERLANDS when I first played the Gearbox video game several months back-it’s quite a unique-looking and fun experience. Sadly, it also seemed to come to an end far too soon. So it was with unbridled elation that I read the news of fresh downloadable content for the game. ZOMBIE ISLAND OF DR. NED was a great romp through one of BORDERLANDS’ side stories, and the most recent add-on, MAD MOXXI’S UNDERDOME RIOT, ups the ante even further, with a variety of new challenges and play modes that will have you back on Pandora in no time.

GOD OF WAR III: First Look

By Doug Norris
The long-awaited fourth installment of the immensely popular and highly acclaimed GOD OF WAR franchise hits stores next month, but fans can get a sneak peek by purchasing either the GOD OF WAR COLLECTION for PlayStation 3 or DISTRICT 9 on Blu-ray. Albeit brief, the demo is packed with enough hack-’n’-slash bloodshed to leave both casual and die-hard fans salivating for the game’s impending release.

LEFT 4 DEAD 2 (Video Game Review)

By Doug Norris
Team-based on-line shooters took a tight grip on the gaming world nearly a decade ago, only to become the latest genre to be overrun faceless, interchangeable titles. Whether titled COUNTER STRIKE, CALL OF DUTY or anything bearing Tom Clancy’s name, the games began to emulate one another—they all showcased multiplayer squads made up of varying shooter-types and a medic, pitted teams against one another and featured humans killing humans. Valve saw this monster (possibly from a fatherly eye) and decided to kill it, raise it from the dead, infect it and let it loose through the city streets in the LEFT 4 DEAD franchise, pitting humans against hordes of zombies.

BAYONETTA (Video Game Review)

By Doug Norris
In order for games in an overdeveloped genre to stand out, they need to carry either some unique twist on gameplay or a gripping story coupled with flashy cinematic sequences. BAYONETTA (Sega, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) tries both, and after the opening sequence, all I could say was, “What the hell was that?” Little did I know how often I would repeat that phrase throughout the game.

WOLFMAN scares up $30 million-plus in 1st weekend

By Michael Gingold
Various sources are reporting that Universal’s THE WOLFMAN, the studio’s reimagining of the classic monster character, will gross an estimated $30.6 million in its first weekend of release. Predictions are for the film to pull in about $35 million over the four-day President’s Day weekend; final figures for the initial three days will be released tomorrow.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lionsgate’s WITCH no longer in SEASON next month

By Michael Gingold
Variety reports that with only a month and a week to go, Lionsgate has pulled its supernatural thriller SEASON OF THE WITCH from its March 19 release berth. No explanation was given for the change, though Universal shifted its violent sci-fi thriller REPO MEN from April 2 to the 19th a week ago.

Serial killer specialist to give you POWDER BURNS

By Samuel Zimmerman
Writer/director Chuck Parello, who has previously helmed such reality-based fear features as HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER PART 2, ED GEIN and THE HILLSIDE STRANGLER, gave Fango the scoop on his next foray into murderous true crime, POWDER BURNS. The movie is set to star Zelda Williams, daughter of Robin who also appears in the upcoming fright features DON’T LOOK UP and DETENTION.


By Michael Gingold
Independent filmmaker/distributor Ron Bonk sent along info and some photos from his latest directorial effort, the intriguingly titled MS. CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, which is currently wrapping up postproduction. The movie is set in a rundown apartment building on the eve of its demolition, when a female zealot and her cannibalistic followers arrive to terrorize the remaining residents.

The Newborn Dead: Lovecraftian LANGLIENA

By Marla Newborn
LANGLIENA, a short film written, directed and produced by Italian filmmaker Emiliano Ranzani, is subtitled “A Tale of the Macabre.” And a ghastly, gruesome and chilling tale it is. As the film opens, we see a young man telling a grisly but true story into a tape recorder, because otherwise no one would believe the horror he has witnessed. In its simplest sense, one of LANGLIENA’S themes is how curiosity kills the cat. However, as the story unfolds, one can see that there is much more to the story than a childlike moral.

See KILLER KLOWNS with the Chiodos in LA

By Michael Gingold
The Mondo Celluloid team are relaunching their “Mondo Mondays” screening series in Los Angeles next month, and they’re doing it in a big way. Kicking off the new lineup is a 35mm showing of the Chiodo Brothers’ cult favorite KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE, with a bunch of the filmmakers and cast in attendance.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


By Michael Gingold
Variety reports that Lionsgate has picked up U.S. distribution rights to THE LAST EXORCISM, the Eli Roth-produced deviltry drama previously titled COTTON. While a release date has yet to be set, the acquisition deal includes a $16-million prints and advertising commitment.

Original GAMERA to make U.S. DVDebut

By Michael Gingold
Shout! Factory has announced that it will give 1965’s GAMERA, THE GIANT MONSTER (a.k.a. DAIKAIJU GAMERA), the first in the series of Japanese films starring the giant turtle a.k.a. Gammera, its first U.S. DVD release. The movie will be presented in its original uncut version, in anamorphic widescreen from a new hi-def master with English subtitles.

Exclusive new photo from MOTHER’S DAY

By Michael Gingold
Fango got ahold of a new pic of actress Jaime King from MOTHER’S DAY, the remake of the 1980 cult shocker directed by Darren Lynn Bousman of the SAW sequels and REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA. You can see the MY BLOODY VALENTINE actress, looking rather upset in the role of Beth Sohapi, after the jump.


By Michael Gingold
Dread Central scored the first look at the likeness of Ben from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: ORIGINS, the upcoming 3-D animated feature based on the classic George A. Romero films. Check out the image after the jump.

MAY’s Lucky McKee and Angela Bettis reteam on OFFSPRING: THE WOMAN

By Michael Gingold
Fango just got in some details about OFFSPRING: THE WOMAN, the Modernciné company’s follow-up to its OFFSPRING feature from last year. The movie will be directed by Lucky McKee, with his MAY and MASTERS OF HORROR: SICK GIRL star Angela Bettis in one of the lead roles. Peace Arch Entertainment has already acquired all distribution rights outside North America.

Exclusive pics, quotes from inside the COMPOUND

By Michael Helms
On the outskirts of Auckland, New Zealand’s most populous city, there’s a compound formed by several old buildings that tyro filmmaker Dale Stewart has used as the centerpiece of COMPOUND, a new low-budget shocker revolving around the misfortunes of seven travelers. Stewart, who is currently knee-deep in postproduction and provided the exclusive photos seen after the jump, tells Fango, “COMPOUND is a horror film, but doesn’t start out like one.

DVDetails for Lionsgate’s LIFE BLOOD

By Michael Gingold
Lionsgate Home Entertainment will release writer/director Ron Carlson’s LIFE BLOOD to DVD April 27, and we have the disc details after the jump. The movie was originally filmed as PEARBLOSSOM, and is also known as MURDER WORLD.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kane Hodder to drive you to death in OLD 37

By Michael Gingold
Fango got some details and background on an upcoming horror feature called OLD 37 from Paul Travers, who wrote the script and is producing the project with Carrie Alton, Dayna Ghiraldi and Melissa Smolensky. Fango fave Kane Hodder is attached to co-star in the movie, which will roll later this year.


By Michael Gingold
Lionsgate Home Entertainment has announced that it will release the chiller COLD STORAGE to DVD May 4. The film played numerous festivals over the last couple of years, including Scotland’s Dead By Dawn, where it won the Audience Award, the Macabro Horror Film and Video Festival, the Seattle True Independent Film Festival, the BendFilm Festival and others.

Actress talks BOGGY CREEK not-a-remake

By Michael Gingold
Continuing Fango’s conversation with Texas-based actress Julin (click here to see the first part, with exclusive modeling pics), she also talked about her experiences on BOGGY CREEK—a movie that, despite its title, “is more of a fictional story” than the 1972 horror-docudrama THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK, Julin tells us. “It’s kind of a remake, but they don’t want to call it one.”

Have a scary Valentine’s Weekend at NYC’s Blood Manor

By Michael Gingold
The people behind New York City’s haunted attraction Blood Manor (542 West 27th Street) usually terrorize guests around Halloween, but they’ve been so successful with that holiday, they’ve decided to spread the fear for another. This Friday-Saturday, February 12-13, they’re presenting a special Bloody Valentine’s Weekend, focusing on the dark and bloody side of love and marriage.

Producer talks Night Light Films’ trio of chillers

By Michael Gingold
Fango spoke recently with Rick Walker, one of the partners in the genre film company Night Light Films, about his first three horror features (plus a sci-fi thriller) hitting DVD this spring. THE FEAR CHAMBER, MARKED, PASSED THE DOOR OF DARKNESS and BATTLE PLANET will be released through Echo Bridge Entertainment.

HYPOTHERMIA starts chilling with Michael Rooker

By Michael Gingold
Dark Sky Films and Glass Eye Pix have announced that their latest production HYPOTHERMIA has begun shooting, with HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER’s Michael Rooker in the lead. The movie is written and directed by James Felix McKenney, whose previous films include AUTOMATONS and the upcoming SATAN HATES YOU.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

THE WOLFMAN (Film Review)

By Michael Gingold
Even a film that is pure in heart, apparently, can become something tortured and misshapen once it finally sees the light of a projector. The long-awaited remake of THE WOLFMAN has finally emerged as a disappointing muddle, making it very easy to believe the widespread reports of postproduction tinkering, re-edits and reshoots. What began as a passion project for star Benicio Del Toro has wound up as a movie that’s technically proficient but is crucially lacking both soul and bite.

Have a bite of SUSHI GIRL

By Samuel Zimmerman
Writer/producer Destin Pfaff sent Fango the scoop on a nice little sashimi roll of exploitation called SUSHI GIRL. The film, which Pfaff co-wrote with its director Kern Saxton, begins production this March at Universal Studios, and tells the tale of a robbery crew reassembling to celebrate one of their own’s release from prison—and reminisce about a job gone wrong—while eating a buffet of sushi off the nude body of a beautiful young woman. However, things quickly spiral out of control and, as Pfaff describes it, “torture, madness and violence ensue.”

Experience “The Art of Exploitation” in LA, BAD BIOLOGY DVD party in NJ

By Michael Gingold
Cultra Video and Temple of Schlock are hosting a night that Los Angeles-area horror and exploitation fans will want to catch this Friday, February 12. This week’s installment of the “Art of Exploitation” series will showcase a trio of cult films from the ’70s, including a pair by notorious B-meister Andy Milligan—one of which is his highest-budgeted feature, the vampire thriller THE BODY BENEATH.

Monday, February 8, 2010

New cast members move into DREAM HOUSE, FLATMATE and APPARITION

By Michael Gingold
Variety has reported on new casting for a trio of upcoming genre features. The highest-profile name and project: Rachel Weisz has been added to the cast of Universal and Morgan Creek’s psychothriller DREAM HOUSE, joining Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts.

SORORITY ROW DVD & Blu-ray details

By Michael Gingold
Summit Entertainment just sent along the specs for its DVD and Blu-ray releases of SORORITY ROW. The remake of the cult ’80s slasher THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW arrives on both formats February 23.

PARASOMNIA, DON’T LOOK UP and more get DVD dates

By Michael Gingold
Fango got the scoop from DVD distributor E1 Entertainment about its slate of horror releases coming in 2010. The most notable titles are PARASOMNIA, the latest feature from HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL and MASTERS OF HORROR: FAIR HAIRED CHILD’s William Malone, and DON’T LOOK UP, helmed by Chinese filmmaker Fruit Chan and starring Eli Roth.


By Samuel Zimmerman
The long-in-development sequel to STRANGELAND, the 1998 fright film penned by rocker and FANGORIA RADIO host Dee Snider, who also starred as the evil Captain Howdy, is finally headed before the cameras. Encouraged by tax breaks for film production in the state of Ohio, STRANGELAND: DISCIPLE, whose story Snider began writing shortly after the original was released, has been picking up speed and will lens soon in Cleveland and Youngstown, OH. Snider spoke exclusively to Fango and let us in on a wealth of new info about what to expect from the follow-up.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cover and contents for FANGORIA #291

Fango #291 is ready to hit the stands this month, and past the jump you’ll find the first look at the cover, as well as the full contents. It’s got everything from werewolves old and new (a Makeup FX Lab and cast piece on THE WOLFMAN and a remembrance of the late Paul Naschy) to independent chills (Adam Green discussing his new FROZEN) to literary horror (a chat with hot author Jonathan Maberry)!

Exclusive first photos from Aussie horror NEEDLE

By Michael Gingold
Fango got ahold of a few exclusive pics (seen past the jump) from NEEDLE, an Australian chiller being handled by Lightning Entertainment. The movie stars Michael Dorman (also seen in the recently released DAYBREAKERS and TRIANGLE) as a college student who inherits an 18th-century device with supernatural properties that begins causing the deaths of his friends.

UK horrors TONY and SALVAGE coming to U.S. DVD

By Michael Gingold
Revolver Entertainment has set an April 6 DVD release date for Gerard Johnson’s British serial-killer film TONY, and passed on the content details for the disc. The movie, which recently premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival and has already won critical raves, is a case study of an alienated Londoner (Peter Ferdinando) whose mental downward spiral leads him to murder.

What’s buried in MEADOWOODS?

By Michael Gingold
Dread Central reported today on a mysterious new project called MEADOWOODS, for which information has been slowly leaking out on-line. It started with a YouTube video of a girl being buried alive, and Dread got an exclusive look at an early trailer; checking out the YouTube poster’s page also leads to a clip called “Naked Ginger Runs Through Forest.” You can see all three videos below.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

BABYSITTER WANTED and more horror DVD news

By Michael Gingold
• Fango has learned that Jonas Barnes and Michael Manasseri’s BABYSITTER WANTED will be released on DVD by its production entity Big Screen Entertainment Group. Sarah Thompson (pictured after the jump) stars as a college student who takes a job looking after a young boy at a remote farmhouse one night, and becomes subjected to frightening phone calls and worse.

SXSW fest sets Fantastic and other horror titles

Austin, TX’s South by Southwest Film Festival has announced its lineup of features for the 2010 event, running March 12-20. Among them is a slate of Midnighters features including several rounded up by the folks behind the city’s Fantastic Fest, an eclectic group of international movies that counts three in the horror genre.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DVD/Blu-ray updates: Corman films and SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD!

By Michael Gingold
We first broke the news here about the updated schedule for the many Roger Corman DVDs and Blu-rays coming from Shout! Factory this year, and now we’ve got an update courtesy of disc supplement producer Michael R. Felsher. He’s currently putting together extras for a few of those titles, and gave Fango the first word on what to expect from them.

FROZEN and SPIDER BABY screenings w/guests in LA

By Michael Gingold
Los Angeles-area fans can catch a new chiller and a horror cult classic and hear from the people responsible this month. First, director Adam Green will be on hand for showings of his ski-lift-to-terror film FROZEN when it begins its commercial run this weekend.

The Changing States of PANDORUM

By Samuel Zimmerman
Last year’s PANDORUM was an underseen exploration into sci-fi horror, offering psychological terror, excellent production design, mutated creatures and some intriguing ideas about the future of humanity. Now, with the film currently available on DVD and Blu-ray from Anchor Bay Entertainment, screenwriter Travis Milloy spoke to Fango about the film’s genesis and creation, and we got ahold of some exclusive creature photos to go with his comments. Beware if you haven’t seen the film, as spoilers will follow.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Director’s update on MALEVOLENCE sequel BEREAVEMENT

By Michael Gingold
If, like us, you’re a fan of writer/director Stevan Mena’s superior slasher film MALEVOLENCE, you may have been wondering what’s up with BEREAVEMENT, the second in Mena’s intended MALEVOLENCE trilogy. Fango spoke to Mena recently to get the lowdown on his progress with the sequel, which lensed a couple of years back and stars genre vets Michael Biehn and John Savage.


FANGORIA, in association with distributor Oscilloscope Pictures, is offering readers the chance to win a free pass for two to the New York City run of the dark Danish thriller TERRIBLY HAPPY, opening this Friday, February 5 at the Angelika Film Center (18 West Houston Street). Directed by Henrik Ruben Genz, the movie follows a city cop who is reassigned to a small town, where he becomes embroiled in local violence and murder.

The RED RIVER Begins to Flow

In the small, Mayberry-esque town of Greensburg, Kentucky, stomach-turning things are going on in the enormous crawlspace of one decaying house. A demented marijuana farmer in his 50s named Roland is about to smash a young girl’s head in with a sledgehammer. Bloody brains will surely burst from the skull upon impact, which is probably why Roland is so giddy—he can’t seem to stop croaking long, raspy laughs (extremely unpleasant to the ears due to his laryngectomy). Also in this subterranean pit are two nude women trapped in chicken-wire cages, a hacked-up torso hanging from the ceiling by its feet and a mentally and physically warped character referred to on the set as “Hamburger Head” (seen in the first of the exclusive photos after the jump).

DISTRICT 9 scores in Oscar nominations

By Michael Gingold
The sci-fi thriller DISTRICT 9, a sleeper hit this past summer for Sony’s TriStar Pictures, has something more to celebrate this morning with the announcement of the nominees for the 82nd annual Academy Awards. The Peter Jackson-produced, docudrama-style saga of the bloody conflict between humans and extraterrestrials they’ve segregated in South Africa landed four nominations, including one of the 10 slots for Best Picture.

New York City Horror Fest makes 2010 call for entries

By Michael Gingold
It’s only the first of February, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the fright festivals gearing up for Halloween season 2010. The organizers of the New York City Horror Film Festival dropped us a line to let us know that they’ve already begun accepting entries for this year’s event.

Monday, February 1, 2010

2001 MANIACS sequel sets FrightFest premiere; new exclusive pic

By Michael Gingold
2001 MANIACS: FIELD OF SCREAMS director Tim Sullivan sent over an exclusive new photo (see it after the jump) with the news that his sequel will have its world premiere at Film4 FrightFest’s 2010 Glasgow edition, part of the Glasgow Film Festival. The event takes place in the Scottish city Friday-Saturday, February 26-27.

Exclusive sexy pics, comments from FINAL girl Julin

By Michael Gingold
Actress Julin, who can be seen in theaters right now in Joey Stewart’s revenge chiller THE FINAL, gave Fango the exclusive first look at some of her latest modeling pics; check ’em out below the cut. She also talked to us about THE FINAL, part of After Dark Horrorfest 4, in which she plays one of a group of “mean kids” who suffer badly at the hands of an outcast group they tormented in high school.

Open THE TOY BOX for killer thrills

By Michael Gingold
Murder runs rampant again in Texas in THE TOY BOX, a new feature from director/cinematographer Michael Colburn, who gave us some info on the soon-to-lens feature. Based on an original screenplay by Kristin Wong that was adapted by Jennifer Peebles, the movie is based on the true case of serial killer David Parker Ray, who is suspected of slaying as many as 60 victims, whom he tortured in the homemade chamber of the title.

Comments on UK Blu-ray of Romero’s DAY OF THE DEAD

By Michael Gingold
Britain’s Arrow Video is preparing to unleash a new Blu-ray release of George A. Romero’s classic DAY OF THE DEAD with all-new bonus features, and Fango scribe Calum Waddell, one of the creators of the fresh material, got in touch with details of what it has to offer. The disc is set to street March 29.

Make CONTACT with horror short on-line

By Michael Gingold
Fango scribe Jeremiah Kipp passed along word that his genre short CONTACT is now visible on the web as part of the IndieRoar on-line film festival and competition. Designed to give filmmakers a venue to share and be honored for their work, IndieRoar is showcasing a number of minimovies in horror and other genres.