Monday, February 15, 2010

Horrific news flashes from Toy Fair

By Bekah McKendry
Toy Fair 2010 opened yesterday at New York City’s Jacob Javits Center, and Fango is on the scene to bring you news and images of the more horrific items on display. Here are some early tidbits from the event:

• Steve Jackson Games (known for the MUNCHKIN game lines) has both a ZOMBIE DICE game and a CTHULHU DICE game coming out. We got to play a few rounds, and they tested our Vegas betting skills. Plus, we heard from some fellow players that they’re equally fun when liquor shots are involved!

• We got to check out a new line of toys called Vamplets. These are vampire babies that are absolutely adorable; they even come with their own baby bottles of blood! Check them out on-line at They’re giving out free Vamplets to anyone who donates blood this week, so tomorrow we’re rolling up our sleeves and opening a vein to get our own cute vamp kids!

• Diamond Toys has a whole line of Universal Monster figures on the way. We’re not allowed to show pics of some of these till after March 1, so look for coverage in FANGORIA #293. Our favorites were the Mummy and some awesome variations on the Creature from the Black Lagoon. These will start being released to stores around Halloween this year.

• Diamond also has a line of TRUE BLOOD figures that they’ll be unveiling tomorrow afternoon. We’ll be there to get the scoop, but we’ve already learned that they’ll be presenting figures of Sookie, Eric and Bill. They’re also releasing limited-edition TRUE BLOOD neon signs, including one of the show title and another of the Merlotte’s logo. We’ve also heard a rumor that a neon sign for Fangtasia is in the works as well.

• Triad Toys debuted a sweet-looking Dexter figure. This will be releasing in second quarter 2010, and will retail for around $89-$99. Not only does this amazingly detailed doll have 38 points of articulation, but it also comes with Dexter’s bag of killer tools!

Look for further news later today…


  1. Can't wait to see these figures. Especially excited about the Universal and True Blood stuff!

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