Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Producer talks Night Light Films’ trio of chillers

By Michael Gingold
Fango spoke recently with Rick Walker, one of the partners in the genre film company Night Light Films, about his first three horror features (plus a sci-fi thriller) hitting DVD this spring. THE FEAR CHAMBER, MARKED, PASSED THE DOOR OF DARKNESS and BATTLE PLANET will be released through Echo Bridge Entertainment.

FEAR CHAMBER, directed by Kevin Carraway from a script he wrote with Lawrence Sara, stars Rhett Giles, BIG BAD WOLF’s Richard Tyson and JASON GOES TO HELL’s Steven Williams in the story of a detective tracking a serial killer who murders young women to steal their organs. MARKED, from writer/director Dustin Voigt, has a young woman and her team of paranormal investigators seeking the truth about her father’s mysterious murder. PASSED THE DOOR OF DARKNESS, helmed by Traxler Mervis and written by him and Mark Colson, is another serial-slayer tale, centering on a villain called “The Shadow of God.” And Greg Aronowitz’s BATTLE PLANET features Uwe Boll regular Zack Ward and HALLOWEEN II’s Brea Grant in an adventure set on the distant world of Terra 219. All four discs will street April 27, presenting the movies in widescreen, with special features, if any, yet to be announced.

Walker tells Fango that the choice to have each movie be a writer/director project was a guiding principle when he and Night Light partners John Duerler and Loddie Naymola first got started. “I am a firm believer in that combo at this level,” he says, “since it makes them accountable for what they write. A lot of people can write expensively, but I believe it truly takes talent to be creative on a low-budget project.

“I have known [Mervis and Voigt] for years and have worked very closely with them in the past,” he continues. “They are both tremendously talented, and you will see them working on the big screen in no time. Our other two filmmakers were introduced to us by mutual friends. I believe a strong working relationship only strengthens these movies; since we’ll be doing 18-hour days, we might as well enjoy the time we’re spending together. At this level, it’s very important to have a positive outlook and a good personality. It is tremendously hard to make these, so a strong work ethic is a must. I have a very simple philosophy on producing;: I am merely a facilitator. My job is to make sure the directors can do theirs, be creative and paint their picture.” You can see Night Light’s official website here.


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