Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Freddy, his new glove and more at Toy Fair 2010

By Bekah McKendry
Fango spent another exciting day at Toy Fair 2010 (see our first report here), checking out the licensed products and original terrors coming to frighten you this year. Read on past the jump for the details and pics…

Over at Mezco’s booth, a couple of kickass 12-inchers and Mez-its from FRIDAY THE 13TH, the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake, BEETLEJUICE, SAW and THE WOLFMAN topped the bill. Speaking of WOLFMAN, look for both 12-inch and 7-inch figures (already available in stores), along with a 9-inch stylized version of Benicio Del Toro’s canis lupus sapien. For you Living Dead Doll fans, Mezco debuted both their “In Wonderland” series based on ALICE IN WONDERLAND book characters (including the Red Queen seen below) and Series 19: Children of the Night, a vampire-based line.

We also got a more in-depth gander at some of NECA’s upcoming NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET products. In addition to some great action figures, they also revealed a replica Freddy glove we got to try on, instantly falling in love with the piece. It’s the best mockup of the dream stalker’s signature weapon we’ve seen, with actual metal blades (dulled down, of course). It even bears the slight metal creaking sound from the movies. The glove can be worn, but for regular display it also comes with a replica hand to mount it on.

It was also exciting to finally see a toy from our favorite of the NIGHTMARE sequels—THE DREAM WARRIORS. The Freddy puppet scene in this movie has always been a highlight, and we were ecstatic today when NECA unveiled its soon-to-be-released old-school Freddy marionette. This puppet was actually cast from the same molds as the one used for the film prop, and is a necessary piece for any ELM STREET fan. Hopefully, this puppet won’t rip out your veins—but this gorgeous collectible will be worth the risk. Check out Fango #293, on sale in March, for additional coverage.

They’re not the scariest creatures on the block, but certainly some of the most creative and endearing: 4KIDS Entertainment premiered a line of monsters designed by Jim Henson Studios, the company known for amazing critter work in movies like LABYRINTH, THE DARK CRYSTAL and the more recently disturbing mind-trip MIRRORMASK. These new creations are also great representations of the creativity and purity involved in taking the scary and obscure and bringing it to life. Some of the monsters from this line made prior appearances as small toys sold in “blind assortment” boxes at Kid Robot stores and comic-book shops nationwide; this tester line has now been expanded to include monster plushes and other larger figures as well as apparel.
Stay tuned for more from Toy Fair 2010!


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