Wednesday, January 27, 2010


By Michael Gingold
• Prolific independent genre filmmaker Richard Griffin has begun self-distributing his vampire flick PRETTY DEAD THINGS via the official website of his Scorpio Film Releasing. Scripted by Griffin and Sandeep Parikh, the movie focuses on the conflict between a group of ex-porno actors turned bloodsuckers and a corrupt mayor and reverend, plus a pizza delivery boy who’s brought back from the dead by the vamps only to set out to destroy them.

The disc includes audio commentary by Griffin and producer Ted Marr and the trailer. It can be ordered via the Scorpio site’s store for $20 here.

Vanguard Cinema passed on the specs for COLOUR FROM THE DARK, Ivan Zuccon’s chiller based on H.P. Lovecraft’s story “The Colour Out of Space,” starring FANGORIA RADIO’s Debbie Rochon. Debuting February 23, the movie will be presented in 16x9-enhanced widescreen, and the supplemental package is currently set to include:

• Cast and crew interviews
• “Memories of the Ghost” featurette
• “Trevor” featurette
• “I Love NYC Video Club” featurette
• Photo galleries
• Four different trailers

Retail price is $19.95. See our COLOUR FROM THE DARK location report in FANGORIA #290, on sale now.

MTI Home Video has picked up writer/director Mark Stouffer’s CREATURE OF DARKNESS, with a DVD date and specs to be announced in the near future. Filmed in 2005 as HUNTER’S MOON, the movie stars FINAL DESTINATION’s Devon Sawa as a young man who, along with a group of friends on a desert vacation, is terrorized by an alien monster that has previously haunted his dreams; Sanoe Lake and Matthew Lawrence co-star. Look for the disc details soon, and a CREATURE set visit in a future issue of Fango.

R-Squared Films sent along final special-features info for another Rochon vehicle, THE GOOD SISTERS, which it releases next Tuesday, February 2 in conjunction with Mystic Pictures. The latest feature by the CHAINSAW SALLY team of writer/director JimmyO Burril and actress April Monique Burril stars the latter and Rochon as the titular witchy siblings, and the DVD’s widescreen transfer is supplemented by:

• Audio commentary by the Burrils and cinematographer Shawn Jones
• Behind-the-scenes featurette
• Music video
• Teaser trailer

Retail price is $19.99. THE GOOD SISTERS will also become available via video-on-demand on Monday, Feb. 1 from Time Warner Cable, Comcast, DirectTv, Dish Network and others. And a three-disc collection of the Burril’s splattery sitcom THE CHAINSAW SALLY SHOW can now be ordered from the series’ offical website. The set, which goes for $24.99, includes unaired footage (with more nudity etc.) and a making-of piece.

Shock-O-Rama Cinema/Camp Motion Pictures will release the slasher opus ROT: REUNION OF TERROR on DVD March 9. Directed by Michael A. Hoffman and scripted by Hoffman and Meghan Jones (the duo behind SIGMA DIE! who also wrote the upcoming SPRING BREAK MASSACRE), ROT centers on a 10-years-later get-together by a bunch of old high-school friends that gets bloody when a serial killer crashes the gathering. The movie will be presented in 1.78:1 widescreen with 5.1 and 2.0 soundtracks, along with:

• Audio commentary by Hoffman and crew
• Making of ROT minidocumentary
• Music of ROT minidocumentary
• Postproduction minidocumentary
• Two deleted scenes
• “Angels of Rebellion” music video
• “Dying Light” music video
• “Faking the Death Wish” music video

Retail price is $24.99.

• IMD Films and MVD Visual, which previously teamed on Jake Kennedy’s PENANCE, will release I AM VIRGIN to DVD February 23. Shot in Portland, OR, this spoof of I AM LEGEND stars Adam Davis in the title role of the last man on Earth unaffected by a virus that has turned the rest of the population into sex-crazed vampires. The supporting cast includes adult-film legend Ron Jeremy and host of gorgeous Portland-area strippers; Sean Skelding directed from a script by David Wester, and he’ll follow up with STRIPPERLAND (a similarly oriented spoof of ZOMBIELAND), which begins lensing in March. I AM VIRGIN will have its Portland premiere at the Clinton Street Theater this Thursday, January 28, followed by a regular run Jan. 29-Feb. 3. You can see the movie’s official website here.


  1. I'm really hoping that Colour From the Dark is as good as the buzz says it is. It's so hard to find really well done films based on H.P. Lovecraft's stuff.

  2. I can tell right from the title that Colour From The Dark isn't going to be as Lovecraftian as we all assume it might be. A few reviews over at have already made me want to skip this one. Too bad, too.

  3. this is a good way to don't say "please look our budget horror movie with more sex scenes and Viagra Discounts that any other", so sorry but I don't have the most minimum interest in this movies.

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