Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Complete details, covers for After Dark Horrorfest 4 DVDs

By Michael Gingold
Lionsgate Home Entertainment has set a March 23 DVD street date for the 8 Films to Die For that will be part of After Dark Horrorfest 4, which runs January 29-February 4 in theaters nationwide, and passed on details of the contents. Jump below to check out the specs as well as the cover art for Anthony DiBlasi’s DREAD, Joey Stewart’s THE FINAL, Brian Pulido’s THE GRAVES, Pal Øie’s HIDDEN, Chris Moore’s KILL THEORY, Joel Anderson’s LAKE MUNGO, Nick Cohen’s THE REEDS and Kevin Hamedani’s ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

Each disc will present the movie in anamorphic widescreen with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. While special features are subject to change, here’s how they stand as of now:

• “Facing the Fear: Behind the Scenes of DREAD” featurette
• “A Conversation with Clive Barker and Director Anthony DiBlasi” featurette
• Deleted scenes

• Audio commentary by director Stewart and producer Jason Kabolati
• Behind-the-scenes featurette
• Deleted scene

• Audio commentary by director Pulido
• Audio commentary by production designer Francisca Pulido and director of photography Adam Goldfine
• “THE GRAVES: Behind the Screams” featurette
• “Sound Designing THE GRAVES” featurette
• “Spot the Gnome” game
• Auditions/script reads
• Calabrese music video “Vampires Don’t Exist”
• Downloadable original script

• “KILL THEORY: Behind the Scenes” featurette
• Two alternate openings
• Deleted scene

• Theatrical trailer

• “Making of ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION” featurette

No extras have been set for HIDDEN or THE REEDS. Retail price is $19.98 each, and there will also be an eight-disc set available for $159.98. Keep your eyes here for any further info that comes our way, and check out the Horrorfest’s official website for more details on the movies and where you can catch them on the big screen.

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