Monday, January 25, 2010

Indie filmmaker makes his RECOVERY

By Michael Gingold
Fango heard from Mike Prosser, director and one of the writers and producers of 1997’s THE DIVIDING HOUR, who gave us a few details and a couple of photos (seen below the jump) on his new feature RECOVERY. He describes the movie as “a supernatural drama that blends European-style art-house drama with Japanese and B-movie horror elements into a decidedly unique new flavor. It’s a very odd mix, drawing inspiration from ORDINARY PEOPLE and the original PULSE. It’s better paced than DIVIDING HOUR, I believe, and the ending packs more of a punch.”

The story centers on the Keilor family, and begins with art student Emilie Keilor (Elle Poindexter) receiving word from her parents that her musician brother Samuel (Chris Harder), who seemed to have a perfect life, has killed himself. She returns home to join the entire Keilor brood in mourning Samuel’s death and hashing out their feelings with his therapist, Dr. Fischer (Aaron McPherson). Things take a turn for the frightening as Emilie becomes fascinated with a computer in Samuel’s old bedroom, haunting phone calls begin and secrets of Samuel’s life become clearer. The cast also includes Benedict Herrman, Marilyn Faith Hickey, Jennifer Skyler, Eric Reid and Linden Hosack, along with Todd Robinson and Prosser himself, who produced RECOVERY with cinematographer T.J. Civis. Christina Kortum provided the special makeup.

“We’re finishing the last few digital effects and getting the sound mix wrapped up,” says Prosser, who also served as editor and FX creator. “The movie played as a workprint at the Portland Underground Film Festival in June, and the response was great. One girl ran out of the theater crying. It’s dark subject matter for some to handle.” You can see the trailer and more info on RECOVERY at its official website.


  1. I have championed THE DIVIDING HOUR for years and happy to hear this news. Prosser is one of those fine fellows who starts with his script and doesn't begin filming until he's satisfied with what's on the page.

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